Effective & Efficient Artificial Turf Maintenance

turf sweep

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Turf Sweep

Dragging the Turf Sweep across your artificial turf sports field removes the debris and grooms the surface, leaving you with an immaculate pitch.

It’s quick, easy and suitable for all artificial playing surfaces.

Why do I need a Turf Sweep?

The Turf Sweep is invaluable to anyone who is responsible for the maintenance of artificial sports surfaces. It will quickly pay for itself through time saving and improved maintenance efficiency.




The Turf Sweep's unique design removes all types of debris, lifts the pile, and allows infill to filter back into the surface. It creates an immaculate finish to your artificial pitch.



The Turf Sweep is suitable for many pitch types - including 2G, 3G, 4G. Through patented technology it delivers great results at different speeds, making it an indispensable addition to your maintenance equipment.


Cost Effective

The Turf Sweep is quick and easy to use. Along with its durable and maintenance-free design, it is a cost-effective solution to your pitch maintenance needs.

sweep safer - better - faster


Patented features include:

  • Elevator Steps to collect and retain debris earlier improving performance at lower speeds.
  • Debris Retention Barrier to keep debris secure and prevent it falling back onto the turf when the tow vehicle slows down.
  • Fine Sieve specifically designed to filter infill back into the turf.
  • Mesh Cover to retain the debris even when sweeping at speed or in windy conditions.

The Turf Sweep comes with a 3 year guarantee.

  • works on all playing surfaces: 2G, 3G and 4G artificial turf
  • professional working width of 2.4m
  • can be towed by any small maintenance vehicle
  • uses friction to extract debris
  • silent operation when used with electric towing vehicle
  • easily emptied by shaking off-pitch
  • retains debris as soon as it is lifted
  • unique polyurethane blades
  • fine sieve to filter infill back into the turf
  • mesh cover to retain debris
  • reduces volume of infill removed
  • strong, powder coated hitch
  • folds for easy storage
  • carry strap included