Turf Sweep Background

From the experts in surface maintenance.

Product History

Back in 1989, Warwick Tozer, a keen tennis player and founder of Aerosweep, was frustrated with the time it took to sweep a tennis court. To resolve this, he invented the world’s first tennis court sweeping system. This product was improved and enhanced over the years. Now the Aussie Clean Sweep is sold worldwide. It enables customers to clean an entire tennis court in under 10 minutes!

Aerosweep applied the technology to create a range of versatile and cost-effective products to sweep other surfaces. This know-how led to Turf Sweep.

Other Sweepers

It is not only sports fields which need sweeping. Debris needs to be removed from airport apron and runway surfaces too. In 1994 Aerosweep used their skill and technology to launch an aviation tarmac sweeper. FOD*BOSS Ultimate Airport sweeper is the safest, most effective military and commercial airfield sweeper available, and it is used worldwide.

Motor racing requires clean tarmac surfaces as well. Aerosweep created Tracksweep which now sweeps and protects Formula 1 circuits and other racing tracks across the world.


How It Works

The Turf Sweep features big blades made from high quality thermo plastics. Debris is swept off the playing surface, over a fine sieve system. This unique feature allows rubber crumb infill, or sand, to filter back into the turf surface.

We are yet to find a cheaper, faster, more effective alternative for cleaning sports fields, and the Turf Sweep requires no maintenance.